Guruge Park

Photo shop

When you visit Guruge Park we are certain that you would like to take the memories of your visit back with you. You can count on our professional and well-experienced photographers to capture all your special moments of your unforgettable visit of the park. We provide a service that would document your visit unobtrusively, so you can still have the time of your life at the Guruge Park.

Apart from photos throughout your adventurous and educational journey, we provide a service of single snaps with some of the most colorful park animals. So your kids get the chance to hold up colorful birds and take daring pictures with them. We offer many styles of photographs in many sizes. You have the facility to take photos and get them printed as soon as they were taken at our photo shop for an affordable price.

Our Photo Shop is available for family photos, childrens photos and park-journey documentation. We are equipped with high-tech printers and quality cameras. We also can send you the soft-copies of your preferred photos, on request, for a minimal-charge. We hope that you enjoy your visit to Guruge Park.



There are many places to visit in Guruge Nature Park. You are bound to get hungry or feel thirsty. At our park there are many snack shops and food counters. There you can get light meals such as short- eats, snacks, candy and beverages to quench your thirst. Some shops even have lunch packets if you prefer to take lunch at a more open setting.

You can find our snack shops near the Guruge Royal Hall, the Jurassic park and near the Children’s Amusement Park and Kiddie’s Play Ground. Snack shops near the Children’s Amusement Park have a dazzling view of the Dhanawardhana Lake and seating facilities near the lake. You can let your kids play in the Kiddie’s Playground and have some refreshments. The snack shops near the Guruge Royal Hall have a more quite setting. You can listen to the chatter of birds and enjoy nature while you freshen- up. Drinking water is provided at each snack shop area.

All the snack shops are along the path you take, in the journey through the Guruge Park and are directly accessible for visitors of our park whenever they feel the need to grab a bite or quench their thirst.