Deshashakthi Dr. Dhanawardana Guruge

From ancient times, Sri Lanka was known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Famed for its spices and gemstones, Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was known was a serendipitous isle sought by seafarers from many nations.

Sri Lankan history derives its rich heritage from the diverse ethnical and religious struggles of its past. Guruge Nature Park portrays the trends and developments which characterized our glorious and colorful history, tracing life in Sri Lanka as far back as 547 BC to the reign of Vijaya, our first king. The splendor of Guruge Nature Park will make visitors recall and trace the wonderful and impressive history of our country. Among its many features is the lifelike depiction of the ‘Veddahs’, the aborigines of Sri Lanka. The park endeavors to both entertain and educate, while providing an ideal venue for families and nature lovers the chance to enjoy mother nature and her beauty.

Your visit will, undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience on viewing our glorious cultural, traditional, historical heritage and entertainment. Among future attractions to the park are a purpose-built gem museum chronicling the history of gem mining and the importance of precious stones through Sri Lanka’s history and a wave pool to add to the rich experience of this theme park.